Namura Shipbuilding has been building ships for a whole century since it was founded in 1911 (Meiji 44). The Namura Group has branched out to ship repairing, machinery, and metal structures, but our main focus remains on newbuilds, and our philosophy of "To provide what the customer requires" has not changed.  The environment surrounding the Namura Group has rapidly and drastically changed. Accordingly, the needs of our customers will change also. We strive to constantly deepen our understanding of our customer's needs through close interaction and by not fearing change, to supply what our customers truly require. We rejoice hearing that our customers are satisfied with our products, and shall spare no effort to be a company with "presence", a company which is required by our customers.  We also endeavor to further our technology and skills, and develop new technologies, thus enabling ourselves to be able to answer to the high expectations of our customers, while maintaining a balance between economic activities, protecting the global environment, and corporate responsibility, thus contributing to the local and global society.

Kensuke Namura